Union City Stone Veneer

Some time ago, getting a stone surface was very expensive, and only a few property owners managed to enjoy the stone’s beauty. Fast forward in the 20th century, stone surfaces are easier to acquire thanks to new technology that gave birth to veneer. Veneer came as a lifesaver for many homeowners who couldn’t afford the costs of real stone. Right now, all you need is some money and our professional stone mason, and you are good to go.

Traditional stone surfaces were very costly, considering the cost of transporting the heavy stones and the required amount of labor. These thin stone slices are the easiest to transport and require less labor to install. When you contact us at UC Concrete and Masonry, we will have our stone mason perfectly install veneer from stone for you.

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A perfect veneer installation guarantees improved aesthetics and an appealing home.

The flexibility of this type of veneer makes it a good choice to achieve uniformity. It can be used indoors and outdoors in bathrooms, kitchens, and even fireplaces. This type of veneer can be installed on any type of surface you can think of. Concrete, brick, and stone are just some of the common surfaces that can be easily modified with veneer from stone. An experienced concrete contractor like us knows how to perfectly install veneer on surfaces like concrete, which are usually technical.

The Cost Of Getting Stone Veneer

Nowadays, the cost of upgrading your surfaces using this type of veneer is affordable. However, you will pay more for this type of veneer when compared to brick. But in the end, it is worth it considering the elegance and beauty stone from veneer will bring to your home. You should give us a call so that our professionals can give you an estimate.

Working with an affordable contractor will also save you some good money. You should look at a contractor’s charges before hiring them. We are the affordable stone masonry contractor near you for Union City homeowners who want to improve their homes with veneer from stone.

Natural Versus Artificial Stone Veneer

When going for this type veneer, you should keep in mind that there are two options; manufactured and natural. Many property owners often find it hard to choose between the two. Natural stone veneer is obtained from real stones by slicing large stones into thin slices. The color and texture of natural veneers are as a result of the natural process that leads to the formation of rocks.

A manufactured or synthetic veneer is artificially made and designed to mimic a stone’s texture and color. Manufactured veneer closely resembles natural veneer; it is even hard to tell the difference without scrutiny.

The Cost

There is only a smaller difference in the cost of these two types of veneers. During the early stages of its production, manufactured veneer was way cheaper than the natural one. But now it is advanced and has almost all the properties of the natural veneer its price has gone up.


Nowadays, manufactured stone has a realistic appearance thanks to the advanced processing technology. One of the main reasons why people opt for manufactured stone is that it comes in a wide variety of shapes and colors.

However, on close scrutiny, you can tell the difference between the two. Manufactured stone as much as it looks realistic, it can’t stand up to the real stone. So, if you want a realistic option, natural stone will work for you. At UC Concrete and Masonry, we offer veneer installation services at affordable rates that will fit your home improvement budget.

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