Union City Stone Masonry

Stone masonry is a common form of masonry used widely in construction and home improvement. Stone’s natural look, shape, and texture makes this type of masonry better in upgrading homes than brick. This form of masonry is mainly used in general construction because of the strength and durability properties in stone. If you are considering starting a stone project, talk to us at UC Concrete and Masonry, and get professional help.

We have a team of qualified masons who can work on a stone project from veneer to stone walkways.

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Hiring a Professional for Stone Masonry Works

This type of masonry is not good for doing it by own. Its technicality makes it the hardest form of masonry. Without experience, information from the internet isn’t any help. Stone projects usually require someone with technical and professional experience. Trying to construct projects like a stone walkway without any professional help isn’t a good idea.

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We are the masonry and concrete contractor to help you in Union City. The drawbacks of trying stone projects on your own are many, and you will soon be regretting it. Talk to us, and we will guarantee you quality work.

Is Stone Masonry Expensive?

If we compare stone masonry to brick, it is more expensive. The beauty and elegance that comes with stone make it costly to install. If you want to achieve the natural look that comes with stone on your property with a tight budget, you can go for stamped concrete. This type of concrete can be modified to mimic the stone surface.

Synthetic stone veneer is also a cheaper option to achieve elegance in your home as it costs less than a natural veneer.

Types of Stone Masonry

These are the main types of stone masonry currently used in the construction industry. We have experience handling projects in all of these types. Just contact us for better results.

Rubble Masonry

In this type of stone masonry, stones that are not perfectly cut are laid and bound using mortar. This type of masonry gives an amazingly natural look that will transform your home. Rubble masonry can be used for an outdoor project like stone walls. Just as the name suggests, this option won’t be good for you if you are looking for a formal look.

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With a contractor like us, your budget will work, and you won’t spend more. We offer budget-friendly services.

Stone Veneer

Stone veneer can also be classified as a type of stone masonry. These are thin stones used to decorate and protect other surfaces in a home.

Ashlar Masonry

This is the exact opposite of rubble masonry. Here stones are perfectly cut into desired shapes and laid in mortar. It is a popular option among homeowners who like having formal-looking stone surfaces. You should give us a call if you want a perfect ashlar type of masonry.

Slipform Masonry

Slip form masonry involves using formworks while constructing to keep the stone walls straight. These forms can be placed on either side of the wall being built to guide the stone mason. The mason can then place the stones inside the formworks and come up with a straight stone wall. This type of masonry guarantees perfection, and if you want a perfect wall, we can construct it for you with Slipform masonry.

We have a team of qualified masons who can work on a stone project from veneer to stone walkways.

Get in touch with us by giving us a call at (510) 399-0249 for a wide range of stone services in Union City.