Union City Stained Concrete

An image of stained concrete in Union City.

UC Concrete and Masonry is one of the leading stained concrete contractors and installers in Union City. We take pride in the numerous concrete projects that we have successfully handled over the past years. Some of these are concrete finishing, stained concrete, concrete resurfacing, brick masonry, driveways, pool decks, and more. One of the most sought after services that our concrete engineers offer to our clients in Union City is stained concrete.

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About Stained Concrete

The art of staining concrete has increasingly become very popular among property and homeowners today. This technique of modifying the concrete’s façade can produce something really astonishing or fascinating that cannot be replicated by any other coloring style or medium. Stains fill the concrete pores to permeate it with radiant, translucent quality that differs depending on the type and quality of surface that they are applied to and the method of staining being utilized upon.

UC Concrete and Masonry Stained Concrete

Our company boasts of the high quality of workmanship that our crew, concrete engineers, and skilled masons have.   We are proud to show the long list of concrete jobs and the countless concrete projects entrusted to us by our long time clients, this includes, pool decks repair, concrete finishing, stamped driveway, retaining walls and more.

In nature, staining occurs, however natural stone with staining effects are either hard to find or really expensive. Think of those beautiful marbles that are usually found in luxurious hotels or on the rich and famous homes. They do not come by easily, and surely cost tons of money. However, at UC Concrete and Masonry, our skilled concrete technicians can artistically replicate, mimic, or ape any stones you want at a fraction of the price. We have the capability and know-how to stain concrete and make it appear really amazing and expensive. Our crew can expertly use any of the staining methods to achieve the looks you want.    

How Do We Stain Concrete? How much does Concrete Staining Cost?

Our company has been around for years and has handled lots of concrete jobs in the city. For staining the concrete, film-forming, penetrating, and acid stains are three of the methods that we use on concrete surfaces. Each will produce different tints, shades, textures, and your concrete will have its own distinct decorative appearance. Please note that each concrete and staining style or method will produce a different design; it will have its own unique finishing. 

To give you an idea how this works, film-forming is the most common type of method in staining concrete. It is used like a paint wherein you coat the concrete surface or put a layer on top to add color, style, or tint to your concrete. One setback though, is that it will eventually fade, flake, or peel off over time and if regularly exposed to harsh elements. Penetrating stain, on the other hand, acts as the name suggests. It deeply penetrates the pores of the concrete.

And unlike film-forming methods, penetrating stain techniques are more permanent and minimize the chances of fading, peeling, and flaking. This is usually water-based and is translucent and can show the defect or flaws in your concrete. Do not worry, expert masons and concrete technicians like what we have at UC Concrete and Masonry can turn this into a form of art. And lastly, the acid staining technique. This one is quite expensive and needs to be done by experts. Acid stains can produce a natural-looking marble or a natural stone.   

Staining concrete’s price will generally vary depending on the style, the complexity, and methods used. But to give you a ballpark figure, a simple staining job would cost around $2 to $4 per square foot for a simple and very basic staining job. For a more complicated and high-end design, contractors will charge you between $12 to $25 per square foot.

Can my Cured Concrete Still Be Stained?

Basically, our concrete engineers can still stain your concrete even when cured completely. We can still turn it into a piece of art for just as long as glue, oil, grease, sealers, and wax are not present or have not contaminated the concrete’s pores. If any of these contaminants are present, it will be very hard, if not impossible, for the stain to work its way to your concrete’s pores. If you want to know if you can still salvage your concrete?

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Please do not rely on contractors that promise you otherwise. You will end up having an inferior quality job. And may have to spend more just to make your concrete look presentable.

Benefits of Stained Concrete

Staining your plain and boring concrete won’t just make it stronger or more durable. It will also look more elegant, more expensive-looking, and its aesthetic improvement can turn your property’s resale value. Moreover, applying finishing treatment to your concrete can thwart fire and can also increase its heat insulation capability, making it more energy-efficient. Aside from making your concrete really beautiful, maintaining it will be a breeze.

To remove dirt, a simple sweep and mop is enough and maybe an occasional staining treatment to allay mold growth and help it remain resistant to scratches.

Why Choose UC Concrete and Masonry

The question really is, why not us? Why not hire the best concrete and masonry contractor in Union City, a company tested and proven to deliver and provide you with quality concrete and masonry jobs. We have been in this industry for the longest time, and the list of our satisfied clients can attest that we are Union City’s most sought after concrete and masonry contractor today.

Our team of masons and concrete workers are knowledgeable and are equipped with the right tools and technical know-how. They can provide high-quality jobs even on short notice. We treat all jobs equally regardless of how complicated or simple it is; we give the same attention. 

Pool deck repair, concrete resurfacing, stamped driveways, patio, retaining walls are just some of the numerous services that we can provide to all our clients. To know more about our services, call  (510) 399 – 0249 and ask for your free estimate. For comments and suggestions, fill out our contact form.