Redwood City Concrete Contractor

Are you looking for a good concrete contractor in Redwood City to work on your concrete project? If yes, then you are in the right place. There is nothing as hard as finding a contractor you fully trust to work on your project. You should always hire a competent contractor that has an excellent track record. Only with such a contractor, you can know your project is in safe hands.

The odds of hiring an incompetent one are high with the growing number of contractors in Redwood City. Give us a call at Union City Concrete and Masonry if you need a professional for your concrete works. You can reach us on (510) 399-0249, and we will be happy to help.

Hiring a Competent Concrete Contractor 

When it comes to your investments, everything you should be taken seriously. That is why you need a good contractor for all your concrete works. We are the best contractors in Redwood City, our services are commendable, and hundreds of Redwood city homeowners trust us. Here is why we are the contractor you have been looking for.


It is important that you work with a certified contractor who has complied with all the state laws. A contractor without all the certification cannot be trusted around your property. So always ask if the contractor is insured and insist on inspecting their credentials. 


A good concrete contractor should have as many references as possible. References are a good way of ensuring the contractor you are hiring has a good track record. A contractor without references can be incompetent hence think twice before hiring him. We have many references, and we usually encourage you to contact the references and ask about our services.


We have the most affordable services in Redwood City. We always want our clients to stay within their budgets when working on their projects. Most contractors in Redwood are expensive, but their services don’t match the prices. You should hire us because of our budget-friendly and quality services. Talk to us today, and you will love our prices and services. An expensive contractor is a no-go zone if you are looking for affordable services.

Our Redwood City Concrete Services

These are the concrete services we offer in Redwood City.

Stamped Concrete

This is one of the best options when it comes to improving your home. We offer the best concrete stamping services in Redwood City. From brick to wood, we can stamp your concrete to mimic any texture you like. Talk to us today if you need that stone patio but can’t afford it. We will get you a stamped patio that looks like a stone at a lower price.

Concrete Driveways

No one is more experienced than us when it comes to concrete in Redwood City. If a concrete driveway is what you need for your home, just give us a call today on (510) 399-0249. We will transform your home with an amazing driveway. With the strength and durability that comes with concrete, your driveway will last for years.

Concrete Patio

Patios are the ideal option when it comes to adding an aesthetic appeal to your outdoors. This type of patio is also strong and durable. It will last for years before it needs any repair. With our expertise and experience, you will get an amazing patio for your outdoors at a pocket-friendly price.

Stamped Pool Deck

A stamped pool deck is what you need, especially if you have kids around. The non-slip floor that comes with this type of pool deck guarantees your safety. Since pool decks are constantly wet, slipping and falling are common. Only a stamped deck can save you from falling injuries.