Union City Patios

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The patio is a place to relax and socialize. When the weather is fine and inviting, there is nothing better than spending a lazy afternoon out on the patio. You can grab yourself a cold one, read a book, listen to your favorite music, or even spend some quality time with friends and families over a barbecue. There is no doubt that building an outdoor patio on your property will transform your place into a far more welcoming home. 

If you want a beautiful patio built on your property, then we are the team to call. Our patio concrete contractor in Union City crew is equipped with the right knowledge and skills to pull the perfect patio right out of your dreams and lay it in front of you one brick or one concrete slab at a time.

Call our Union City Concrete and Masonry headquarters at 510-399-0249 for more details as to how we can help you build a patio.

Why Build A Patio in Union City

Building a patio is a must. Don’t waste precious outdoor space by not utilizing it. You don’t know what you’re missing. A property that has not been utilized to its full potential is such a waste.

A patio can be that extra something in your property that adds character to your home. The addition of a patio extends the parts of your house where you can kick up your feet and unwind. You don’t have to be content with just lawn chairs on your grass because you now have us on your side. We’ll lay down concrete and build you your new favorite place at home. 

Patio Ideas

Patios can be as simple or as extravagant as you want. If you want to use your patios for gatherings or parties even when it’s cold out, then we can build an outdoor concrete fireplace for you. If concrete is not your cup of tea, you can also opt for a brick or stone fireplace design. We can also install an outdoor kitchen or a stone, brick, or concrete barbecue that you can use for your cookouts.

Concrete doesn’t have to be gray and boring. We are not your grandfather’s concrete contractor; we know how to play around with the look to create art. We are not too humble to say that we take pride in the art that we make.

So, if you want your patio done right, then dial 510-399-0249 today for free estimates.

Contact Union City Concrete Experts

We can customize our stamped patio designs to fit the needs and the space constraints of your property to give you the ideal patio that you need. A stamped patio will have concrete work that looks like specialized rocks. We achieve the right look by stamping patterns on poured and leveled concrete. As part of the process, the concrete is also imbued with a stain or color either right from the start during the concrete mixing phase or after it’s been poured. The addition of color mimics the look of certain rocks and distinguishes the final concrete slab as distinct from the plain gray concrete finish of yesteryears – this is why this type of patio is also referred to as a stained patio.