Union City Decorative Concrete

Decorative concrete is a way to use concrete not just as a construction material but to enhance the aesthetics of structures. In other words, rather than just use concrete as an integral part of a structure, we can utilize its ability to be modified and make the structure look amazing. Several techniques are applied to transform ordinary gray concrete into shiny and lavish looking. Decorating concrete can be done during pouring, after poring or even on already cured concrete.

A concrete contractor with enough experience in decorating concrete will give you satisfactorily results. The easiest way to find professionals to work on your concrete surfaces is to call us at UC Concrete and Masonry. We have worked on countless concrete surfaces in Union City and delivered perfect results.

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Common Types of Decorative Concrete

There are many techniques that are used to achieve decorated concrete. Here is a list of common types of decorative concrete in Union City we can install for you.

Concrete Dyes

Concrete dyes are also used in decorating concrete surfaces. They are flexible and can be used on almost any concrete surface, from commercial buildings to homes. Concrete dyes, when applied to a concrete surface, will penetrate and give a lavish translucent look.

Dying must be perfectly done to achieve a vibrant surface. If you don’t know how to dye your concrete surfaces, call us as we have got your back when it comes to concrete services. Doing it on your own is a gamble, as you are more likely to do it wrong.

Colored Concrete

Colored concrete is another popular option for transforming your concrete floors. It is achieved by simply adding integral colors to wet concrete. The colors added are able to withstand fading and last longer. Although concrete itself can fade, you can seal it to prevent fading.

We are experts in colored concrete, and you should let us do it for you. We guarantee perfect results and lower prices when working on your concrete surfaces. Talk to us today through (510) 399-0249, and we will be there for you.

Stamped Concrete

This involves adding custom colors to concrete and stamping it to mimic any other surface like stone, brick, or wood. Stamped concrete has always been a good choice for many property owners. The advantages associated with it are incomparable. First, there is a wide variety of color and texture options for this type of concrete.

Any color can be added to the concrete and stamped to mimic any surface you like. Then there is durability and strength where stamped concrete has shown excellence. It is a good choice to go for if you are doing improvements or even building.

Acid Staining

Unlike concrete, dyeing acid staining involves chemical reactions rather than pigment coloring. To achieve the desired look, water, muriatic acid, and mineral salts are mixed and applied to your concrete surfaces. A chemical reaction occurs, which will create an earth tone color on concrete.

An excess stain is removed by washing with an ammonia solution after a new earth tone color has been achieved. This solution also neutralizes the acid used in staining and restores the PH level. Such technical concrete services require an expert, and that is why you should give us a call at UC Concrete and Masonry.

Concrete Overlays

Concrete overlays can also be used to give old concrete surfaces a new look. The most common is the stamped overlay where rubber imprinting tools are placed in wet concrete and pressed to leave imprints behind. These imprinting tools often vary in shape and size. Release agents must be used when applying the imprinting tools to prevent them from sticking in concrete. Reach out to us today if you need a stamped overlay in Union City, and we will give you an amazing concrete surface.

Get in touch with us at (510) 399-0249 if you need these services.