Union City Concrete Wall

These are walls made from concrete to offer support, retain, or for any other purpose. Concrete walls are structures that can’t just be built by anyone. These are serious structures that, if wrongly built, can be a risk to safety.  Expert concrete contractors are the only ones who can guarantee perfection when it comes to these walls. 

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Top Concrete Wall Contractor in Union City

At UC Concrete and Masonry, we are committed to giving you the professional concrete services you have been looking for. We have enough experience when it comes to concrete walls, and we won’t disappoint you.  Our professionals can construct a perfect concrete wall for you on any landscape as they are concrete experts.

Concrete walls have their advantages, which has helped them find their way in almost every home in Union City. From their proven ability to withstand harsh weather conditions to their flexibility, these walls will satisfy your needs. Talk to us and get a concrete wall in Union City without flaws. We handle your concrete works professionally because we want to give you the best results.

Types of Concrete Walls

Concrete walls can be classified based on the material used to construct them. You should let us handle your concrete works at UC Concrete and Masonry if you are not sure of doing it yourself. 

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CMU Walls

These are walls made from concrete masonry unit blocks. Cmu walls are widely used because the blocks can be used to achieve a wide variety of designs and styles. These walls are strong and durable and can resist damage for a long time. Walls from cmu blocks are not good for doing by your own or inexperienced contractors. They are tedious and technical to build and can only be handled correctly by a contractor with enough experience.

Cement Walls

This is a cheaper option that will work for you in case you don’t want to spend much. Cement walls are also strong enough to be used for heavier tasks. To spend just what you planned for when going for a cement wall work with an affordable contractor like us.

Concrete Block Walls

These are common walls constructed using concrete block walls. They are well known for their strength and will stand the test of time when perfectly constructed. Due to their strength, they are used for critical functions like retaining loose soil on sloppy landscapes.  At UC Concrete and Masonry, we construct strong concrete block walls at budget-friendly prices.  You should reach out to us if you need this wall to retain soil or support your other structures.

Concrete block walls have only one drawback. If they are exposed to corrosive elements, they quickly corrode and can easily fall. However, there is a solution to this problem, which is using pre-coated blocks. These are coated blocks that can resist corrosion for long periods of time.

Finding such a contractor in Union Concrete is easy, just pick up the phone and get in touch with us at (510) 399-0249 for free estimates.