Concrete Slab

Hundreds of buildings are constructed every day in Union City. Each of these buildings must have a concrete slab. This shows just how important slabs are to any building. Slabs from concrete come with all the properties you need for your building to stand the test of time. These slabs are irreplaceable considering the important role they play in all concrete buildings.

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What are Concrete Slabs?

This is the foundation or base for most concrete structures. Slabs are usually rectangular, and they provide a strong base and surface to build walls. It is formed by pouring ready mix concrete in forms and letting it dry. We are going to look at several types of slabs made from concrete.

Types Of Concrete Slabs

Concrete slabs can be classified as either ground bearing or suspended. Suspended slabs are further subdivided into the ribbed, waffle, and corrugated.

Ground Bearing Slabs

This is a common type of slab that is used in both commercial and residential buildings. It is a low-cost slab and an ideal one for property owners with tight budgets. Ground bearing slabs are mostly used in places with little or no slope and non-reactive soils. In most cases, ground bearing slabs are reinforced using steel bars.

It is also important to consider the soil type before going for a ground bearing slab. Some types of soil, like clay, may not work well with this type of slab. This is because clay soils may not be able to support a bigger slab. If you are looking for the best concrete services in Union City, talk to us at UC Concrete and Masonry.

Suspended Slabs

This type of slab is suspended, unlike a ground bearing one that rests on the ground. A suspended slab has to be supported at all times to avoid collapsing. To efficiently support it, the following slab designs are used.

Ribbed Slabs

Ribbed slabs give strength in one direction, and it is supported by concrete ribs, which should be reinforced. These concrete ribs are usually well spaced and tapered. Extra support is provided by griders and columns on which these ribs rest.

Waffle Slabs

Waffle slabs are reinforced concrete slabs that have square grids. Their construction process involves making forms, fixing the reinforcements and steel mesh then pouring ready mix concrete. They offer more mechanical strength than ribbed slabs.

Corrugated Slabs

Designing corrugated slabs is easier and costs less as it only involves pouring concrete into corrugated steel trays. Although these corrugations run in a single direction, they are strong to prevent bending of the slab. Let us handle all your concrete works at UC Concrete and Masonry and get stronger and durable slabs.

Hiring Professional in Union City

Slabs for your structures are not good projects to do on your own. You should always talk to us if you need a slab or any other concrete work is done on your property. Slabs are technical, and only experts can perfectly build them. If you pour a weak slab, you are risking your own life and the safety of your property. Leave it to experts and avoid regrets.

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