Union City Concrete Resurfacing

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Our concrete specialists and concrete masons can resurface your tired and old concrete adroitly, making it look great and almost brand new again. If you are in need of a trusted and reliable concrete resurfacing in Union City, UC Concrete and Masonry is definitely the name you can count on. We offer a range of services to all our clients, from pool deck repair, stamped driveway to patios, concrete finishing, staining concrete to retaining walls, and name it. T

o know more about how we can further service to you, call any of our concrete technicians or concrete masons at (510) 399 – 0249. If you want to leave a message, fill out our contact form provided, and we will get back to you shortly.  

About UC Concrete and Masonry

UC Concrete and Masonry is your local concrete contractor in Union City. We have been serving the city and nearby areas for years, offering amazing and excellent concrete and masonry jobs and services. We have been branded as one of the most trusted and highly reputable companies in the city today with thousands of satisfied clients banking on us for our first-class customer service and incredible pricing.

Our team at UC Concrete and Masonry are always ready to answer our various services, including pool deck repair, retaining wall installation, concrete driveway, stamped driveway, patios, staining concrete, and more. For a free estimate, contact us today.

We Bring Life Back to Your Concrete

If you are looking for a company that could provide excellent and high premium jobs at a reasonable price, consider UC Concrete and Masonry. We are backed with highly trained concrete specialists, concrete engineers, and concrete masons, all equipped with advanced technology and know-how, not to mention the right tools to give you premium workmanship.

Our crew is adept in concrete resurfacing; they are trained to make your concrete look great again, without you having to spend more than you should. For aging, cracked, or stained concrete, we can provide you with cost-effective solutions, resurfacing your existing concrete, and make it look like new once more.

Usually, as years go by coupled by abuses like various elements, weather, foot traffic, etc., your concrete will eventually look dull, cracked, stained, and obviously abused. Untrained individuals or amateur contractors will immediately recommend replacing them. Now, that entails cost, which can be astronomical. Good thing, UC Concrete and Masonry has an answer to this problem – concrete resurfacing.

We have the materials and solutions to give your concrete a new lease in life by giving it a new texture, color, and even making it like a totally different material. UC Concrete and Masonry serve both residential and commercial customers offering various options to choose from.

What is Concrete Resurfacing

Concrete resurfacing is a method wherein damaged, cracked, stained, or dilapidated concrete is made to look like new again. Usually, a special concrete coating is applied on the surface of the old concrete. This process can provide a range of new colors, texture and design, and pattern options. Usually, this technique is performed on concrete found on our patios, pool deck, driveways, and indoor floors. 

How Long Will Resurfacing Last? How Much Does It Cost?

When done properly and by the experts, resurfacing layers can last longer as it is very durable and tough. The resurfacer must be spread evenly on the concrete’s surface to ensure that all are equally covered. On average, a properly applied resurfaced concrete can have a functional life of 8 to 15 years, depending on the conditions it faces.

For the cost, it can vary from $3 to $10 per square foot. This, of course, will depend on the present condition of your concrete and the cost of labor. Check with our concrete specialist for more details. However, just to give you a ballpark figure, a usual 100 square feet concrete can cost around $400 to resurface. $300 for simple ones and can go as high as $1000 for a more expensive and elaborate project. Of course, we can always work on your budget. Dial (510) 399 – 0249 right now for a smart estimate. 

Ideal Thickness of the Concrete Resurfacer

Concrete resurfacers need not be very thick when applied to concrete slabs. Ideally, a half-inch coating is perfect or enough, as this is designed to be used and applied on concrete in very thin coatings. It has a powerful adhesive that allows it to stick to concrete. Moreover, concrete resurfacers have a compression strength of 4,500 psi.

Our concrete specialist guarantees that your concrete will turn out better than its previous state. They assure clients that the resurfacer will last longer than expected. Furthermore, we assure all our clients that we only use high-quality materials when we resurface your old concrete.

Why Tap UC Concrete and Masonry Concrete for your Concrete Resurfacing Job

Hire the most reliable local concrete and masonry company to handle your concrete resurfacing job. We are Union City’s top concrete resurfacing and finishing company. We are also the best local concrete and masonry contractor in this part of the state and city, truly a concrete and masonry company that you can really trust. We are reliable and can definitely deliver what we have promised. We are always known to provide clients with high-quality concrete and masonry services at a very affordable cost. 

UC Concrete and Masonry has been in the concrete and masonry industry for years. Our long list of very satisfied clients clearly shows that we are indeed the leading concrete and masonry company in Union City today. Our team is composed of highly qualified concrete masons and skilled concrete technicians who are all knowledgeable and are equipped with the right tools and technical know-how.

They assure clients that they are capable of providing high-quality jobs even on short notice. We provide all jobs with the same professionalism no matter how complicated or simple the project is. We also give the same attention both to new and prospective customers as well as to our ever loyal old clients. Furthermore, we are very efficient in our workmanship that we ensure all our customers and clients that material wastage is always manageable if not at the minimum.

Pool deck repair, concrete finishing, stamped driveways, patio, and retaining walls are just some of the numerous services we can provide to all our clients. Call us at (510) 399 – 0249 right now and ask for your free estimate to know more about our services. For comments and suggestions, you can fill out our contact form. We will get back to you as soon as possible.