Union City Concrete Foundations

Concrete structures must have a strong and durable foundation if they are to withstand extreme weather conditions. Foundations are, therefore, the most important structures in a building. Weak foundations will affect your structure’s ability to stand the test of time, and it will be just a matter of time before it collapses. We all know how much damage a collapsed structure can cause. Avoiding such situations is as easy as picking up your phone and calling us for professional help.

You can easily get professionals on your concrete foundation by talking to us at (510) 399-0249.

Most Experienced Concrete Foundation in Union City

We have the most experienced concrete foundation in Union City. They are experts when it comes to concrete, and they always deliver. The type of foundation we will construct for your structure will be able to hold the structure by resisting pressure and soil movement.

In concrete foundation construction, everything should be perfect and not trial and error. Doing it yourself is a good example of trial and error, and you should keep off if you value your safety. Hire a bricklayer with enough experience like the one we have at UC Concrete and Masonry.

Types of Concrete Foundation

Concrete foundations can be classified based on various factors. In this article, we will only talk about the common ones used in commercial and residential buildings. At UC Concrete and Masonry, we offer all the affordable concrete services you need.

Frost Protected Foundation

This is the type of concrete foundation we do construct when building heated structures. It is constructed using two polystyrene sheets that act as insulators to hold heat from the structure beneath the ground. One of these sheets must be placed outside the foundation and another on the base in order to keep the temperature above the freezing point. For a frost-protected foundation and other services, reach out to us at UC Concrete and Masonry.

Slab-on-Grade Foundation

For a slab-on-grade foundation, an integral footing must be formed by pouring more ready mix concrete on the edges to thicken them. To prevent the edges from breaking, reinforcing rods are used to strengthen them. Cracking, which is common in slab-on-grade foundations, is prevented by casting wire mesh into the slab.

The thicker edges are necessary to form a strong integral footing. The ready mix concrete should also be perfect in terms of viscosity and strength for a strong and durable foundation. This is where a concrete expert with experience comes in handy because you can’t do this perfectly without experience.

T-Shaped Foundation

Structures that are being built in cold places where land freezes must have a T-Shaped foundation. A wider footing is made and put below the frost line. To prevent freezing, walls are put on top of the footing. This footing is usually made wider so that it sufficiently supports the walls on top of it. The final stage of constructing this foundation involves pacing the T-Shaped foundation and allowing it to heal. We will handle all concrete works, including foundations, with expertise if you hire us.

You can easily get professionals on your concrete foundation by talking to us at (510) 399-0249 for free estimates.