Union City Concrete Finishing

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When it comes to concrete, there are a lot of issues that can happen during construction. Concrete experts like UC Concrete and Masonry know exactly how to deal with concrete problems, which include discoloration, shrinkage, scaling, curling, and more. Our concrete experts and masons know that concrete is relatively easy to manage, but you could potentially run into a huge problem when handled by amateurs. A common mistake usually made by self-reliant work, is to leave concrete unfinished, and this is a big mistake.

Leaving your concrete unsealed or unfinished could likely lead to bigger problems. Unfinished concrete tends to be more porous, which attracts more moisture, allowing stains to set in. This will eventually lead to a tedious cleaning process as your concrete becomes dirty, and the unsightly sight could be a turn-off. To know more about how our concrete engineers and technicians can help you with your concrete issues, dial (510) 399-0249 right now and get your free estimates.

Concrete Finishing

In Union City, our masons and concrete experts at UC Concrete and Masonry have brought their expertise and unsurpassed reputations when it comes to concrete finishing services. Also, in other ranges of services, including pool deck repair stamped driveway, patios, concrete resurfacing, and more. Our dedicated workers are among the most experienced and seasoned in the business and can give various types of services for all types of concrete and masonry projects.

UC Concrete and Masonry take pride in our dedicated masons and concrete engineers who work very hard, ensuring clients that they can finish the job on time and budget. Furthermore, our company boasts of our workers’ dedication and workmanship and their technical know-how. They are equipped with the latest equipment and the right tools, giving clients a premium quality job.

When Should Concrete Finishing be Done

As easy as it may sound, concrete finishing should be done only when traces of water or moisture are almost gone, and your concrete starts to become firm and hardened. However, several techniques are used when performing concrete finishing and may have to bypass this strategy. We strongly suggest or advise that you leave this job to the experts. Performing concrete finishing when the cement mixture is not right may not turn out what you expect it to be.

If you want to know more about our concrete finishing service in Union City as well as our other services, send us a message, and we will get back to you shortly.

Types of Concrete Finishes that We Can Do

Unknown to many, concrete finishing is becoming an art by itself. Although a lot of concrete engineers can perform this job, not a lot knows the different types of concrete finishes that we can do to make your concrete even more functional and visually appealing.

Stamped Concrete Finish

Patterns are used in order to create the desired design on a freshly leveled concrete. This method allows concrete technicians to produce or copy almost anything from slates or flagstones, tiles, or bricks, even mimic wood or lumber. This technique is usually done on sidewalks and driveways, patios, and pool decks.

Salt Finish

Our concrete crews use coarse rock salt crystal in order to achieve the desired look. A roller is used to run over the coarse salt which was placed over the concrete surface, gently stamping it and then a stream of water is used to wash off the salt leaving decorative finishes which are usually rough and anti-skid surface, although plain and colored concrete can also be done using this method.

Swirl Finish

This pattern is created by smearing the concrete’s surface with a uniform circular pattern, producing a visually appealing surface with an almost identical pattern. This is used mainly in outdoor patios, walkways as this provide traction and, at the same time, aesthetic value.

Polished Finish 

Specialized machines and tools usually help engineers achieve this look along with penetrant chemicals that provide various textures. The effect on the concrete is really amazing using this method. However, proper care and caution must be taken in order to avoid any accidents. 

Colored Finish 

To come up with this style, pigments or post-cure staining agents are used. This finish is best suited for outdoor scenes in order to compliment the landscape or environment.

Broom Finish 

This is a textured finished created by using a broom, dragged across the surface of fresh concrete. Small ridges are produced as the broom glides across the surface of a freshly laid concrete. The ridges seen on the surface provide traction and can make your concrete slip-resistant.

Trowel Finish

This is the most popular and most common style of finishing concrete. Concrete is basically laid in the formwork and then leveled using a trowel. The trowel is run over the concrete to smoothen the surface.

Actually, there are many ways to do concrete finishing, and our engineers and masons are knowledgeable in all of these. Color Chips, Dyed Finish, Engraved, Etched, Flashed Finish, Marbleized, Micro Topping Finish, Sand Blasted Finish, and more. Fill out our contact form provided on this page if you need to know what will go well with your concrete. 

Why Choose UC Concrete and Masonry Concrete

Get the best team to do your concrete finishing job. UC Concrete and Masonry is regarded as Union City’s top concrete finishing company. Hire the best concrete and masonry contractor in this part of the city. We are the company that you can really rely on. We are tested and proven to deliver and provide you with quality concrete and masonry jobs at an affordable cost. 

UC Concrete and Masonry have been in this business for years, and the list of our satisfied clients only proves that we are Union City’s most in-demand concrete and masonry company today. Our team of concrete masons and skilled concrete technicians are knowledgeable and are equipped with the right tools and technical know-how. 

They assure clients that they are capable of providing high-quality jobs even on short notice. We treat all jobs equally regardless of how complicated or simple it is; we give the same attention. Furthermore, we are very efficient in our dealings that we ensure our customers and clients that material wastage is always on the minimum.

Pool deck repair, concrete resurfacing, stamped driveways, patio, and retaining walls are just some of the numerous services we can provide to our clients. To know more about our services, call (510) 399-0249 and ask for your free estimate. For comments and suggestions, you can fill out our contact form.