Union City Concrete Driveway

An image of finished concrete driveways work in Union City.

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We are an expert concrete driveway contractor that offers a wide range of concrete construction services that are not limited to installing cement driveways. Prepare to be blown away by our breathtaking results. Our newest style of concrete driveway utilizes stamped concrete. A stamped driveway mimics authentic rock finish adding character to your driveway. One of the advantages of getting this decorative concrete driveway done is that it saves you a ton of money since we’re not actually sourcing expensive rocks from exotic faraway places – instead, we are recreating the look with stamped concrete patterns.

To achieve the aesthetic look of different rock types, we incorporate decorative concrete patterns and colors to produce concrete work that is full of earthy tones and colors and not just the typical boring gray you may find in ordinary concrete. Get your driveway to look and feel like anything in the world. It all depends on the design influences and materials that you want to emulate in your driveway. In a word, stamped concrete is – Special.  You just give us a clear vision of what you want, and we’ll make it happen for you. 

The Nitty Gritty of Concrete Stamping in Union City

The stamped concrete slabs we make will create the decorative concrete driveway of your dreams. While it may be a cheap alternative to using actual rocks, there is nothing remotely cheap about the look of the driveway you end up with. In fact, the concrete patterns we produce look so much more expensive than they really are. 

In other words, you get the awesome texture and exquisite look without breaking the bank.

Now, before we start pouring and leveling concrete on your property, first things first – you have to set your heart on a specific design or pattern that you want. You have to fall in love with it because the concrete work we install is going to last. 

When we have all agreed on the decorative patterns you wish on your concrete driveway, we get to work surveying and measuring. After the initial assessment, we’ll then prepare the area. If there are old concrete blocks already installed, we may strip them completely to uncover the bare ground, or we may choose to use them and just create a concrete overlay. It all depends on the finished look you want and the state of disrepair your old concrete driveway is in. 

After the area is prepped, we then pour in the concrete and level it. Up to this part, the process is the same with how any concrete laying is done – well, except for the coloring part which could either be done while the concrete is still being mixed or added as a top layer over freshly poured concrete. The real magic comes with the texturing portion of our concrete driveway installation. We stamp the concrete with patterns using the corresponding stamps. We perform this crucial step at just the right time, like the experts we are. We then give it a good wash with water and a day after, we add sealants and compounds to make our work of art, your stamped concrete driveway, last a long time.

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