Union City Concrete Countertops

Concrete countertops are common nowadays in kitchens and bars. This type of countertop has excellent properties that cannot be found in other options.

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Concrete is usually preferred when it comes to the construction of countertops, mainly because of its strength and durability. Other options like stone countertops can last too, but not as long as concrete. A countertop made from concrete can withstand any damage and serve you for several decades.

Apart from strength and durability, these countertops are also preferred because they can be easily decorated. Several forms of decorative concrete can be used to make your countertop appealing. For perfect concrete countertops in Union City, contact us at UC Concrete and Masonry.

Concrete Countertops Cost

It is hard to state an exact figure when it comes to concrete works. For this type of countertop, prices can widely vary depending on several factors. A plain countertop without finish will cost much lower than a finished one. Your location also affects the cost of getting this countertop. For property owners in Union City, we offer a wide variety of services, including building countertops at an affordable price.

It is good that you get a quote from a contractor before you make a budget for your countertop construction. You can alternatively give us a call, and we will come up with an estimate for your project. This way, you avoid running short of money in the middle of the project or overspending. In Union City, you can rely on us to give you a free quote for all your concrete works.

Sealing Concrete Countertops

One of the most asked questions is if a concrete countertop can be sealed. YES! It can and should be sealed. This is because of the porous nature of concrete; this porosity makes concrete vulnerable to scratches, water absorption, and stains. Sealing will protect your countertop and make it last longer than an unsealed one. At UC Concrete and Masonry, we have years of experience in sealing concrete surfaces. If you hire us, we will perfectly seal your countertop.

Finishing Your Concrete Countertop

Decorative concrete offers a wide variety of finishing options for your concrete. From fine finishes to rough ones that will give your countertop some traction, we can do it for you, depending on your preferences. Options like staining will help you achieve fine surfaces.

Alternatives to Concrete Countertops

You can go for any of these countertops if a concrete one is not what you want.

Stone Countertop

This equally strong and durable option can be used as an outdoor countertop. A countertop from the stone will also give your outdoors an amazing look. If you like stone’s natural look, then this type of countertop should be a priority to you.

Granite Countertop

Granite countertops are also becoming popular in kitchens and bars. Their attractive natural look is a good way to give your kitchen an upgrade. This type of concrete can stand the test of time and resist chipping and scratches. The other reason why they are preferred in kitchens is that they are heat resistant and can’t be damaged by hot kitchen utensils.

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We will construct any of these countertops, depending on your preferences. At UC concrete and Masonry, we have a good track record of when it comes to concrete, talk to us, and help you.