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Architectural concrete is a mix of quality and durability. With top-quality construction materials that surpass the industry standards, UC concrete and masonry combines pure talent and modern technologies to create luxurious structures that turn heads. We provide innovative solutions in the building and construction sector with tailored structures to suit any residential space. We are dedicated to the core values of integrity, commitment, and client satisfaction, and our clients enjoy every bit of our cooperation.

With architectural concrete fast becoming so versatile, it’s only natural that we align our services with the new demands in the building and construction sector. That’s why we pack a team of skilled contractors who continuously challenge themselves to give you the very best in concrete and masonry throughout Union City.

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Who Are We?

UC concrete and masonry have built an unparalleled reputation as trustworthy sources of concrete and masonry solutions throughout Union City. We have raised the standards over the years, and every service we deliver fits any space. We give timeless and highly innovative concrete structures that go beyond improving face value. We prioritize modern technologies when working on your structure, but this doesn’t mean we have neglected the traditional craftsmanship, which is just as durable as it should be.

At UC concrete and masonry, we believe real value lies with the provision of high-quality services that are neatly crafted and with the client’s needs taken care of. Our contractors maintain that an architectural project is only complete when all your ideas and design options are fully met. Here’s an overview of the top concrete services we are renowned for;

Pool Decks

A few decades ago, concrete was considered a plain and boring material that had to be combined with stone or other materials to give a classic look. But with the innovative techniques, this is not the case anymore. As summer approaches, keep in mind your cracked pool deck and the outdated swimming pool designs that require urgent restoration. We are the experts you can place your faith in for brand new pool deck installation and restoration services.

Magnificent pool deck designs extend the beauty of your indoor space to the outside, and the versatility of concrete makes it possible. We have stamped concrete, decorative concrete, and colored concrete options that give stylish appearances without straining your budget.

Concrete Driveways

An excellent driveway speaks highly of your outdoor space. And if you want to accentuate the existing landscape, there is no better place to start with than the entrance. Stamped or stained. Smooth or rough. Large or medium-sized. We have an expert team whose services are motivated by modern architectural designs. Many people dream of building excellent driveways that borrow a lot from natural stone, but only a few get the chance to work with the best.

Now, we bring all-embracing services that go beyond beautifying your yard. We build amazing driveways for commercial and residential needs. The classic stamped concrete driveway you’ve been craving for is finally here if you choose to work with UC concrete and masonry.


As it occurs, there are amazing patio ideas that give a stylish and personal appearance only equivalent to natural stone. An old patio is an eyesore in your yard that will only bring embarrassments. We can install new patios and replace the existing surfaces using a widely praised material for its beauty and versatility. Everyone will want to catch sight of the incredible design because it will be the best in the locality.

Apart from the services we have mentioned above, we also offer exceptional concrete pumping services, concrete resurfacing, retaining walls, floors, kitchen countertops, sidewalks, walkways, parking lots, and concrete slabs to mention just a few. What’s more, our crew can handle salt finishing to give you the finest quality design at the most affordable cost.

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