Union City Brick Pavers

Bricks are used almost everywhere in the construction industry, from walls, pavements, walkways to driveways. Pavers from bricks are well known for their beauty and elegance, and they are now popular for this. When you install brick pavers in your home, better aesthetics are easily achieved. For property owners installing this type of pavers is a good way to increase your property’s value.

Pavers from brick are not as strong as concrete ones, but they too can stand the test of time and deliver. You will need an expert bricklayer if you want the best installation services.

If you are looking for such a professional brick paver contractor in Union City, we have the best at UC Concrete and Masonry.

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Pros and Cons of Brick Pavers

This type of pavers has gained popularity in the recent past, making them one of the most used paving options. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of brick pavers; so that next time you are improving your home, you will be fully informed about these pavers.


These are the benefits that come with brick pavers. Give us a call today at UC concrete and masonry, and we will have a professional bricklayer over to help you.


Their distinctive red color will create a unique and beautiful look in your home. Brick’s beauty will improve how your home looks and make your outdoors appealing. This is an efficient way to transform a dull home and make it look colorful. Brick’s beauty outweighs that of concrete because it is a natural color, unlike in concrete where decorations must be done. If you are looking for a concrete contractor in Union City to install pavers for you, then look no further.

At UC Concrete and Masonry, we can install all types of pavers on all your surfaces at an affordable price. We are a competent concrete contractor you can trust to deliver the results you wanted.


Pavers from brick will last for decades when properly installed. They are able to withstand the extreme weather conditions that usually damage most materials. The most important thing here is that you get a professional who can install them correctly for you. A long-lasting paving option is what will work for any homeowner who doesn’t want to overspend. This is because you won’t be paying for concrete repairs any soon.

Like we said before, the contractor you hire for this service will greatly determine its success. If you are in Union City, you don’t have to worry about finding a good contractor.

You can give us a call at any time of the day on (510) 399-0249. We will do a professional installation and save you from concrete repair costs as your surfaces will be strong and durable.


Apart from beauty and strength, you should also consider the maintenance costs of the option you are going for. Pavers from brick, for instance, are cheaper to maintain when compared to other options. Sweeping and washing with soapy water is all the maintenance you have to do for these pavers. However, you will need to do a resealing every two years.

Cons of Brick Pavers

Here are some of the drawbacks associated with this type of pavers.


Although these pavers are not the most expensive, their cost is higher than that of stamped concrete. Contractors also charge more for installing these pavers because much labor is usually required. If you have to get these pavers, then it would be better if you hired an affordable contractor like us. At UC Concrete and Masonry, we will work with your budget and give you the best services.

Limited Color Options

Pavers from brick can only offer red color. If you are looking for a custom color, this option won’t be good for you. Stamping will work best for you as you can achieve a custom color and texture for your surfaces. Your home will look amazing is you get yourself surfaces with the brick-red color and other colors of your choice. So you can have both stamped concrete and pavers from brick.


Without proper maintenance, brick pavers will start cracking faster when compared to concrete ones. The best way to avoid cracking is to go for interlocking pavers. Interlocked brick pavers are able to withstand cracking even when used for driveways or walkways. But with proper maintenance, you won’t have cracks or chips any soon.

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