Union City Block Wall

An image of finished concrete works in Union City.

What comes to your mind when you hear the term block wall? At UC concrete and masonry, all construction projects are nothing but a work of pure quality and sheer commitment. Our block walls can serve many purposes ranging from completing retaining walls to supporting a sloppy landscape and acting as decorative garden structures. Our crew is experienced in building block walls with the greatest precision to give an exquisite look all season. You can consult us anytime for cinder block wall installation, repair, and restoration services. 

Our Concrete Block Sizes

Our concrete blocks for various construction projects can be identified by depth. Depending on the thickness of your wall and the preferred style, we can give you a design that fits the backyard perfectly. Even though the 4x8x8 and 12x8x16 are the standard options, we can also give half sizes that are perfect for corners and the rear end of your walls.  

Our Concrete Block Wall Specifications

We believe that a concrete block should be well crafted to suit its purpose and that masonry companies should give products that conform to the industry standards. That’s why we pack a huge range of materials to match your specifications in terms of material selection, strength, and moisture absorption among other considerations. Just as its name suggests, our concrete block walls are made from concrete. But this doesn’t mean we have limited our selections to this material. We have also worked with natural stone, brick, and wood to give amazing results. 

Our Concrete Block Shapes

There is unlimited number of concrete block shapes available on the market, but we are only willing to work with the highest-quality materials to give you lasting solutions. Whether stretcher, kerf, double corner, open-end, single corner unit, or column unit, UC concrete and masonry has whatever it takes to give you the best block walls at the most affordable price. 

Our Finishes

Are you looking for colored concrete block walls in Union City? Maybe those with a glazed finish? Or split-faced CMU? We can add pigments to our concrete blocks to light up your yard. Keep in mind that we are willing to give you a natural color variation that guarantees consistent quality and a reliable solution. 

UC concrete and masonry company has everything you will expect from a top-ranked concrete contractor. We can help you revamp your property without straining your budget anytime you call us at (510) 399-0249